About the Studio

Based in the colorful, creatively vibrant city of Montreal, Metric Empire is a brand new independent game development studio with a mission to create high-quality, meticulously distilled game experiences that are innovative, accessible, highly-replayable and, above all else, infinitely fun.

Our studio is currently located near the Quartier des Spectacles inside GamePlay Space, a unique co-working space dedicated to independent game developpers like us.

City of Montreal skyline in the sunset

Our Games

We're currently working super hard on the creation of our very first game and we hope to unveil the very first, exclusive details by the beginning of spring 2019.

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Our Team

With well over 40 years of combined development experience on some of the most critically acclaimed, generation-defining AAA games like Prince of Persia, Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, our little empire means pretty serious business.

Co-Founder Nicholas Routhier

Nicholas Routhier

Co-Founder & Technical Director

@NyksterR  @NyksterR

Co-Founder Pier-Luc Papineau

Pier-Luc Papineau

Co-Founder & Design Director

@NyksterR  @PLPapineau

3D Artist Lucie Lescuyer

Lucie Lescuyer

3D Artist

@LucieLescuyer  @LucieLescuyer

Programmer Emery Monzerol

Emery Monzerol


@EmeryMonzerol  @EmeryMonzerol

Want to join us?

We don't have full-time positions open at this time, but hey, this shouldn't stop you from sending us your CV anyways! We'll be sure to take a good look at it and, without making any promises, we'll try to get back to you if a position opens with your name written on it.

We're currently looking for CONTRACTORS / FREELANCERS to fill the following positions:

Character Modeler
3D Animator

All applications should be sent to jobs@metricempire.com with the name of the position in the subject line.

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