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You're a UI Artist?

The Empire wants to hear from you!

Metric Empire is a small independent game development studio located in the heart of Montreal, Canada. It is the perfect environment for those looking for a friendly team that’s passionate and driven, the ability to work in a human-scale, collaborative, creative environment and to share in the success and growth of a new indie studio.


UI Artist (Contract/Permanent, Full-Time)

Date: April 2022



As a UI Artist at Metric Empire, you use your creative talent and knowledge of visual design to envision, prototype, build and integrate the many components that stand at the forefront of the player experience - user interfaces, HUD, menus, in-world UI and icons. Guided by a keen understanding of the language of shapes, layouts, colors, typography and motion, you strive to create stylish visuals that elevate the game's visual identity, but that first and foremost help players understand the game in the most intuitive, frictionless way possible.

What you will do:

  • Work with the design and art directors to develop a keen grasp of the game’s visual identity and art direction;

  • Collaborate closely with designers to understand the user experience, key features and mechanics of the game;

  • Using design thinking, make the right visual language decisions to maximize usability and accessibility;

  • Participate in the rapid prototyping of user interfaces, creating mockups and wireframes as needed;

  • Plan out and create all necessary UI assets (menus, layouts, buttons, HUD, icons, sprite sheets, animations, etc.);

  • Import and create UI asset prefabs inside Unity, working with programmers and designers as needed;

  • Work with localization in mind, ensuring interfaces and menus can support different languages;

  • Seek usability feedback from other members of the team, iterating as required for optimal results;

  • Achieve the best possible look and style while fitting into budget and technical constraints;


  • Experience in the video game industry;

  • Strong visual design and visual communication skills;

  • Highly creative, driven and resourceful personality;

  • Sensibility to principles of accessibility, usability and user experience;

  • Knowledge of graphic design and illustration software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.);

  • Working knowledge of Unity's UI toolkit (prefabs, objects, components, etc.);


  • Flexible schedule, work-life balance, proactive stance on overtime;

  • Equal opportunity employer*, friendly and fair work environment;

  • Vacations, Sick Days, Unpaid Leave and bonus Christmas Week;

  • Possibility to work on personal projects;

  • Competitive group insurance policy including vision and dental coverage and telemedicine;

Does that sound like you? If so, send us your CV and online portfolio at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

*Metric Empire commits to offer equal working chances to every individual, without regards based on the followings : age, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, race, religion, citizenship, native country or any other possible particularities. We sincerely believe in a respectful and open-minded work environment, in which everyone can fully contribute to the organization's development.

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